Snowmobile tours

Snowmobiles on Sakhalin Rides along prepared routes with magnificent views
Excursions on snowmobiles – it is an unforgettable winter recreation in Sakhalin Region. All journeys are made near Pushisty air field of the Korsakov Urban District.
Magnificent views of the lakes, the sea, fresh air and new experiences await everyone who wants to prove themselves as drivers or passengers of a snowmobile.

Routes and traveling time

The journey time on weekends is 1 hour.
The length of the rout is about 6 to 7 kilometers.
On weekends snowmobile journeys are made in the vicinity of Pushisty air field. You will visit observation sites with glorious views on Prigorodnoye and Korsakov.
On weekdays visitors may take routes of any duration, subject to prior approval. Discounts on weekdays or when booking 5 or more snowmobiles on weekends.
The driving requires prior registration
Visitors are accompanied by an experienced instructor. Prior to the ride all participants undergo a mandatory safety briefing. Helmets are provided on the spot.

Snowmobile tours

The Center for Technical Sports
All snowmobiles provided for rides are two-seaters.
The price is indicated for 1 vehicle per 1 hour.
Taiga Variag
Arctic Cat BearCat
Taiga Variag 550V
Engine displacement: 550 cbcm
Power: 50 hp
Price: 3,000 rubles
Arctic Cat BearCat 2000XT
Engine displacement: 560 cbcm
Power: 57 hp
Price: 3,500 rubles
The prices are valid throughout 2021/2022 winter season

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